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Galway post and rail fencing


Manufactured from the highest quality Irish spruce, larch, pine and Douglas fir, Curran sawmills Galway post and rail fencing is produced to the highest international standards with quality assurance by our highly qualified craftsmen with decades of experience behind them.


Post and rail fencing has both practical and aesthetic appeal, being the tried and trusted solution for keeping in livestock as well as being a great boundary marker and blending seamlessly with the local environment in rural and agricultural locations too.


Additionally it can be considered a great investment, given its long life, durability, so it will add value to your property. Our kiln dried and pressure treated wood has stood the test of time, being able to weather year after year without needing to be replaced or maintained.


We have a great range of post and rail options for you to choose from in Galway and throughout Ireland and the UK, and it works great for equestrian arenas, walk ways, sand pens and paddocks.


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